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The renewal of Sonoma's UGB is endorsed by environmental and labor organizations, current and former elected officials and commission members, and a broad spectrum of the public at large.

Greenbelt Alliance
Generation Housing
North Bay Labor Council
Sonoma County Conservation Action
Sierra Club
Sonoma County Democratic Party
Sonoma County Climate Activists Network


  1. Madolyn Agrimonti, Sonoma City Council

  2. Chester Arnold 

  3. Francis Arnold

  4. Julie Arntz - "Renew the UGB"

  5. Shelley Arrowsmith - "The Urban Growth Boundary is an incredibly important planning tool for controlling rampant growth on the edges of the City of Sonoma. Help to maintain our rural feel, the ambiance we have enjoyed and the environment we love."

  6. Duane Aslaksen

  7. Bradley Baker, SOMO Living - It is important that we protect our precious open space and create a healthy separation between are more urban environments.

  8. Steve Barbose, Former Mayor, Planning Commissioner

  9. Debby Barbose

  10. Kelso Barnett, Planning Commissioner - "I endorse Measure W on the City of Sonoma's 2020 municipal ballot."

  11. Larry Barnett, Former Mayor, Planning Commissioner - "As a society, we face an existential climate crisis, making land use and protection of habitat, riparian corridors and open space essential. Preventing sprawl is essential, and what we can do on a local level to help keep our world livable. Provisions to insure that affordable housing can be built are included in the renewal language, the strongest in Sonoma history. The big question we face is not if the Bay Area will be unaffordable, but will it be uninhabitable."

  12. Norma Barnett 

  13. Meg Beeler

  14. Marty Bennett

  15. Alan Berger

  16. Anne Berke

  17. Bill Blum

  18. James Bohar, Planning Commissioner

  19. Lou Braun

  20. Josette Brose-Eichar - "Even though we live outside Sonoma City limits, I believe the urban growth boundary should be renewed. Sprawl will not solve the issue of affordable housing either in the city of Sonoma or the valley. All that will happen if it is not renewed is more market rate development. This does nothing to provide housing for our workers, just more development and more multi million dollar homes being built."

  21. Greg Carr, County Planning Commissioner - "Measure W is good land use policy that, coupled with progressive town policies supporting affordable housing projects, will benefit the Sonoma community."

  22. Carol Cenci

  23. Anne Ching

  24. John Chipchase

  25. Ed Clay

  26. Karen Collins, Former Alcadessa

  27. Tom Conlon - "The City of Sonoma needs more affordable housing, but still has plenty of parcels available that can support ADUs and other affordable infill development. It makes no sense to let our UGB expire and allow developers to build sprawl in our beautiful greenbelt. Please vote "Yes on W" to support the renewal of Sonoma's UGB."

  28. David Cook, Sonoma City Council

  29. Caitlin Cornwall

  30. Lin Marie deVincent - "Six other cities have established UGBs and renewed them since 2010: Cotati, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Windsor. Cloverdale established its UGB in 2010 by 65 percent of the voters and it will expire in 2030. Vote to RENEW Sonoma's UGB! Thank you."

  31. Joe Costello, Former Mayor

  32. Gina Cuclis, Vice President Sonoma County Board of Education

  33. Jack Ding, City Council member (elect)

  34. Jack Dupre

  35. Bob Edwards

  36. Gary Edwards, Former Mayor

  37. Howard Egger-Bovet

  38. David Eichar - "The UGB has been vital in reducing urban sprawl, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change. It is imperative that the City of Sonoma renews the UGB by voting YES on Measure W."

  39. Elliot Evers

  40. Robert Felder, Chair, Planning Commission, City of Sonoma

  41. Sarah Ford

  42. Susan Gorin, 1st District Supervisor

  43. Linda Hale - "The City of Sonoma has done a great job of planning for the future and beginning to provide low income housing. Voting to renew the Urban Growth Boundary will help Sonoma meet its goals and preserve open space."

  44. Donna Halow

  45. Amy Harrington, Former Mayor, Sonoma City Council member 

  46. Beth Harper

  47. Rachel Hundley, Vice Mayor of Sonoma

  48. David Iniguez

  49. Tim Irish, DDS

  50. Julie Jay - "I support the Urban Growth Boundary, please do not change or decrease it."

  51. Christopher Johnson

  52. David Katz

  53. Nancy Kirwan

  54. David Leuschner

  55. Greg Levesque

  56. Maria Lounimos

  57. Bob MacDonald, Planning Commissioner (Alternate)

  58. Wanda McAleese"I will make a contribution. I do want updates and news via email. Please add me to your list of supporters."

  59. Ellen McKnight

  60. Carol Marcus, architect

  61. Joanne Martin-Braun

  62. Adrian Martinez

  63. Mary Martinez

  64. Tim Matthews

  65. Daphne Matthews

  66. Paul Maysonave - "This must be seen to the end...we need to protect our wildlife corridors and the city of Sonoma."

  67. Doug McKesson, Former Mayor

  68. Penny McKesson

  69. Matt Metzler - "As a member of the Sonoma Community Services and Environment Commission I endorse renewal of Sonoma's UGB. To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions it is crucial that Sonoma keep from sprawling out into rural areas and renewing the UGB is essential in meeting this goal."

  70. Bob Mosher - "I believe that most Sonoma residents moved here originally because they appreciated & liked the the total picture of living in this terrific place. I urge all who see the big picture to vote enthusiastically to maintain the Urban Growth Boundary and only then can we safely expect that our beautiful city and valley will not be exploited and grow along sensible lines! Please ..."

  71. Larry Murphy, Former Mayor

  72. Sheila O'Neill, Planning Commissioner - "In the November 2020 election, I endorse Measure W, to renew Sonoma's Urban Growth Boundary (UGB)."

  73. Johanna Patri 

  74. Susan Peterson

  75. Pat Pulvirenti

  76. Claudia Ranniker

  77. Curran Reichart, The Reverend Dr.

  78. Claudia Robbins

  79. Jose Manuel Sanchez-Hernandez

  80. Teri Shore, Greenbelt Alliance

  81. Margaret Spaulding - "UGBs have been proven to improve quality of life inside the boundaries and protect ag and wild lands outside. To continue growing responsibly and provide affordable housing we must keep UGBs in place."

  82. Lisa Summers

  83. Rick Theis - "More than ever, we need to keep urban development out of wildfire prone areas beyond our UGBs."

  84. Marcus Thomson

  85. George Thompson

  86. Maud Trachtenberg

  87. Marsha Vas Dupre, Ph.D., Former Santa Rosa City Council Vice Mayor, SRJC Trustee

  88. Chickie Vella

  89. Ditty Vella

  90. John Vogt

  91. Daisy Vogt

  92. Lynn Watts

  93. John Wheatley

  94. Kathryn Wicht

  95. George Weiss Jr

  96. Ron Wellander, Planning Commissioner

  97. Bill Willers, architect - "I fully support the renewal of Sonoma's UGB and City-Centered growth for the future of Sonoma."

  98. Matt Wirick

  99. Rob Wilson

  100. Ken Winston

  101. Paula Zerzan - "As human population continues to rise to unsustainable levels, our wild spaces are disappearing. An important step in curtailing urban sprawl is to have strong urban growth boundaries and leaving intact the few open, wild places necessary to planetary survival. As a local resident concerned for our environment and welfare, I implore you to vote YES on Measure W. Thank you for considering my thoughts about this urgent matter."

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