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Yes on W Wins with 79 Percent of Vote!

Yes on W passed with a supermajority of 79 percent of the voters of the City of Sonoma to renew the Urban Growth Boundary for another 20 years!
Clearly, the people and voters of the city of Sonoma and beyond continue to strongly support protection of open space, preventing sprawl, and focusing on climate-smart city centered growth! See results here.
To be honest, the 79 percent result exceeded our expectations! It is among the highest approval rate of any measures in Sonoma County and up there with the community separators vote in 2016 that reached 80 percent approval. The original Urban Growth Boundary passed by 64 percent.
Now we can all celebrate on our success and look forward to working together to build an even more diverse and healthy community in the City of Sonoma and across our county!

Renew City of Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary - Vote Yes on W

Welcome to our citizen-run website dedicated to a renewal of Sonoma's Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) by voting Yes on Measure W in the City of Sonoma on November 3, 2020.

Sonoma's Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) is a line beyond which its city border cannot extend and development cannot occur without majority voter approval by its citizens, except in particular and well-defined cases, including for 100 percent affordable housing. 

Voting Yes on Measure W in the City of Sonoma will keep the voter-approved UGB in place for another 20 years to protect open space and prevent sprawl while focusing new development including affordable housing inside the UGB. 

In fact, Measure W to renew the UGB contains the strongest land use mandate for affordable housing in city history, requiring that 100% of any land added to the UGB must be used for affordable housing, and that 51% of that land must be used to provide housing for low and very low income residents.

Sonoma's current UGB was placed on the ballot through the initiative process, approved by 64% of its voters in 1999, and went into effect in 2000 for a period of twenty years.

Now the City Council of Sonoma has placed the renewal Measure W on the November 2020 ballot for voters to decide. It ensures that the people have a direct voice in decisions on how the city grows for the next generation.

As your neighbors, we encourage you to Vote Yes on Measure W to renew the City of Sonoma's UGB at the November 3, 2020, General Election for these reasons:

- Protect open space and farmland

- Prevent sprawl

- Support Affordable Housing

- Promote city-centered growth where public services already exist

- Preserve Sonoma's rural and small scale character

- Encourage a diverse, climate-wise and healthy community

- Keep the voice of voters central in deciding our city's future

If the voter protections for the City of Sonoma's UGB are not renewed in 2020, its boundary can be modified by the vote of a simple majority on the City Council at any time. This would put the future of Sonoma on the ballot in every City Council election, every two years. It puts enormous development pressure on the City Council members and staff without the power of the voter-approved UGB backing them up.  It will open the door to more high-end luxury development and cause land prices to escalate, making it impossible to build more affordable housing. The voters can revise the UGB before the 20 years is up if needed with a vote of the people.

Please read the information in this website and let us know if you have questions. Like you, we're residents of Sonoma who love our hometown and prepare it for the next generation. We know that includes some change, but let's be smart and plan ahead how we do it.

Thank you,

Vic Conforti
Jack Ding
Nancy Kirwan
Carol Marcus
Matt Metzler
Johana Patri
Bill Willers


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